• Barcode variable data inkjet printer

Barcode variable data inkjet printer

Features Specifications:Barcode variable data inkjet printer

Barcode variable data inkjet printer SP-9800 innovative industrial digital color inkjet printing system, uses advanced technology, modular design, flexible combination with flexographic, die cutting and label printing equipment and post-press production line, to achieve perfect inkjet printing. The piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet technology (DOD) is used in the color printer. The lengthways printing precision is 600dpi (physical resolution), and the crosswise printing precision can be up to 1200dpi. The maximum printing speed can reach 100m/min. It adopts 108mm wide format print head, which greatly reduces the configuration of pipeline and wires and the time of print head installation and adjustment. The color inkjet printing machine is suitable for printing many materials of different thickness. The user-friendly design of the printing software has powerful editing function, the unique function of variable data printing can achieve one object one code, so that each product can be traceable, and conforms to the development of modern logistics and electronic supervision. website:www.arojet.net E-mail [email protected] AROJET520 Barcode variable data inkjet printer

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Guangdong Anojie Inkjet Technology Co., Ltd.

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