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Guangzhou Ledika Flight Case and Stage Truss Co., Ltd


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No, 6, Wenfa road, Dawen Village, Dongchong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China

Hot products

  • Aluminum bolt truss for concert event
  • wedding tent with high quality
  • Aluminum spigot truss for outdoor or indoor event
LEDIKA Flight Case & Stage Truss Co., Ltd. is an all around company in possession of manufacturing, selling and renting business. All types of the flight case and stage truss should be logically designed, with careful material choosing, professionally manufactured and with strict quality control. Especially for the truss and stage, the quality is very important. So we usually simulate to tryout before selling. Since established, supported by the clients, due to introducing advanced equipment and technical constantly, the scale of our company get developed and expanded gradually. The business has expanded from domestic market to overseas market and owns some international market. At present, our company has not only a group of seasoned technical workers to design and manufacture, but also a group most efficient and experienced workers to follow up the renting business. Our company will develop in plurality at a long-term development strategy. Based on the market, the attention customers demand and satisfaction the customers required, we mainly sell and rent stage truss and flight cases. For rental , we will rent the products before we puts the products into market, and improve the new products constantly on the renting business, and guarantee the quality to fit the market, and therefore satisfy clients' needs. Since the developement of Rental businese, we set up direct communication with customers and have obtained a good fame from customers.
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