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No.566 Nanda Road, ChangHe, CiXi, NingBo, 315326, China

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CiXi QuanSheng Bag Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer. It has more than 25 years on producing bags. We specializes in camera bag,Website:http://www.chinaquanshengbag.com, backpack, trunk organizer, car backseat organizer, school bag, cosmetic bag, tote bag, hand bag, travelling bag, shopping bag, sport bag, messenger bag, waist bag, lunch bag, cooler bag, picnic bag, pencil case, computer bag etc. We have more than 100 workers. Proficient technique and advanced machines make good quality. We pride ourselves on our honesty and quality. The long-lasting relationships we hold with our current clients proves this. We look forwarder to creating a new partnership wth you.
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