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Zhangzhou Kangli Magnetic Industrial Co., LTD


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No. 25, Heming Road, Luzhou Blue Sky Development Zone, Longwen District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Prov

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  • Tea Cup Lid Cover
  • White Plastic Cup Lid Cover
  • 1 Piece Plastic Wine Glasses
  • Disposable Glasses For Wine
  • Wedding Party Favors Wine Glasses
We recommended the world's advanced injection machineand professional equipment for disposable dinnerware.With innovation and perfection itself constantly,Website:http://www.kanglicup.com, our company now comes to a new stage of development. In the severe competition, with spreading new market concept and management system,we still maintain "High Reputation, High Quality, High Efficiently" in the same field. Clients'satisfaction is our best reward and also is one of the most philosophies in our company.We expect to co-operate with our new and old client to go forward, to develop together and to create a splendid future.
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