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Supply Nanometer Titanium Dioxide Slurry (for cosmetic)

Features Specifications:Supply Nanometer Titanium Dioxide Slurry (for cosmetic)

Nanometer Titanium Dioxide Slurry (for cosmetic)

Information on ingredients

CAS# 13463-67-7 Formula: TiO2


Two dispersant medias : water and oil phases(fatty alcohol benzoic

ether(AB),carbonic znic ester,propanediol and so on.

Easier to disperse than powder.

Perticles size is close to original size.

Single dispersing nanometer particles exit in products.

Effective nanometer material properties, effective chemical combination and electriferous surface.

Easy to form membrane, membrane is lubicity and level up with high intensity.



Appearance: White slurry White slurry

Content of Titanium Dioxide : 40 40

Crystal style: rutile rutile

Average particle diameter(nm): 30 30

PH 6-8 6-8

Surface property: hydrophilic hydrophobic

Surface treatment: coated coated

Heavy metal(w%): 0.00001max 0.00001max

Pb 0.0004max 0.0004max

As 0.0001max 0.0001max


Good sterilization, mould-resistance, and deodorization;

highly efficient resistance to UV and reflection of visible and infrared light.

Package 10kg/ plastic drum

Company Information

hangzhou wan jing new material co., ltd

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-571-88920936
  • Contact:lucinelu(Marketing)
  • Last Active:18 January 2010

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