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Supply Funny stretchy ballpen - OEM is available

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  • Origin:Made In China
  • Keywords:ballpen,toy,keychain
  • Min.Order:2000
  • Post Time:02 August 2009
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Features Specifications:Supply Funny stretchy ballpen - OEM is available

Cute cartoon animal shapes, and everybody likes pathetic, cartoon animal shapes + Keychain + pens, functional diversity added to its creative!
it's safe customer's logo can be printed on
It can be used for appreciation gifts, can sales promotion gift, fair visit give way and others
Available in different designs as per customer's requests. Various styles and colors available!
Like animal series, football man series, sea animal series, dinosaur series and so on. . . . .

China supplier:
Email : [email protected]
Skype ID : chanceller819

Company Information

Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-0137-11402908
  • Contact:MillerHuang(CEO)
  • Last Active:02 August 2009

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