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sell DC Over Band Electromagne

Features Specifications:sell DC Over Band Electromagne

1. Including DCJ slurry separat DCF dry powder separat.
2. DCF dry powder separat has vibrating feeding which is effectively prevent obstuction of separation channel.
3. Different type of separation agents per different particles, has wide separation particle size.
4. Outside with water-cooling equipment, which effectively weaken magnetic field lower caused by high temperature of receiving coil.
5. Magnetic intensity is adjustable.
Usage To wipe off the magnetic materials in powder slurry of 100-1000 Mu widely in powder of ceramics, electrochemicals, food, medicals, silicon metal industries.

Company Information

Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. Zibo Mait

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-0533-5616114
  • Contact:zhengwu(Other)
  • Last Active:12 August 2010

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